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Board Sizes

Digital Billboards

Digital Strengths

  • You have lower CPM (cost per thousand) than any other media
  • Schedule your message to change on an hourly, daily or weekly basis.
  • No artwork set-up fee
  • No cost to change your message
  • Allows dayparting messages (hourly schedule)
  • Contract lengths to fit your advertising needs
  • Target your audience
  • Digital billboards are weather proof – your ad can go up in the rain!
  • Audience cannot switch to another station

Digital Flip Breakdown

  • 8 advertisers per board
  • Each flip is 8 seconds, so roughly 1 flip per minute
  • 60 minutes – 1 hour, so each spot will be viewed 60 times in one hour
  • 24 hours in a day x 60 flips per hour – 1,350 viewings in one day!


Vinyl Billboards

AdSource provides you with a range of possibilities to get your message seen.

Our bulletin locations stand out on their own. With these large impact billboards, it allows you a dominating presence in your market. With the high traffic counts these boards receive, it is a sure way to direct traffic to your business.

AdSource is proud to have many poster locations in the Lake Charles Area. These 12×24 billboards are a great way to target your audience. With the ability to rotate among different locations, we are sure that you will be able to create a constant presence in your area with posters.

Our Jr. Posters are a great economical alternative for targeting your audience.